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What is Pilates?

The Pilates method explained

Find out all you need to know about pilates, including the health benefits of pilates, pilates and back pain, and choosing a pilates class. 

Pilates exercises combine strengthening with relaxation. Pilates re-educates, tones and lengthens muscles. They can lighten the load on your spine and joints by correcting muscular imbalances due to bad posture, misuse of muscles and tension. You’ll rediscover your body’s natural movement patterns. Pilates can be enjoyed by and is often recommended for those suffering with neck and back pain. The many benefits of Pilates include:

Align & Balance

  • A holistic workout that brings your body into balance
  • Improvements in posture and movement from awareness of body alignment
  • The risk of injury and pain are reduced

Stress Relief

  • Mindful exercise promotes relaxation and improves sleep
  • A sense of calm and wellbeing is encouraged by the relaxation of tense muscles during Pilates
  • You will feel energized and invigorated


  • Improves muscle elasticity and joint flexibility
  • Addresses muscle tension so your muscles are held at their ideal length, without tension
  • Increases flexibility, ease of movement and your circulation

Shape & tone

  • Notice visible muscle tone and change your body shape
  • Sculpt your waist and shoulders and tone your abdominals, arms, thighs, and your buttocks
  • With regular Pilates you should see a toned and lengthened body emerge


  • Pilates builds strength from the inside out and focuses on the core muscles
  • Muscles are strengthened using the resistance of your body weight and minimal items of equipment
  • Balanced strengthening workout for all muscle groups

Control & Focus

  • Focus your energy on concentration and body awareness
  • Improved movement control reduces the stress on your body’s joints and soft tissues
  • Adequate movement control helps recovery from injury and pain


At Pop-up Pilates we use modified Pilates

This is a form of Pilates based on current evidence on muscle balance and pain so it is considered safe even for those recovering from injury. Pop-up Pilates classes are taught by qualified physiotherapists with post graduate Pilates training. Classes are limited to ensure individual attention and to allow hands-on correction and facilitation as required, so book soon!