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Pregnancy Pilates in Oxford

Why choose Pregnancy Pilates in Oxford?

Pregnancy Pilates will improve strength, flexibility and balance. Using low impact and low intensity exercises, our specially developed positions will help to improve your strength and coordination in the lead up and following pregnancy. Our deep breathing and relaxation techniques will be an important and comforting control throughout your pregnancy.

Prenatal Pilates

Pilates is a low impact and low intensity exercise programme. If you can maintain fitness and activity whilst pregnant your body will find it easier to cope with the changes that occur. As long as you are fit and well prenatal Pilates is a brilliant exercise programme to help strengthen your core muscles to prepare for your bump getting bigger, your body shape changing and ultimately the safe delivery of your baby.

Our Prenatal Pilates takes place at 9.45 on a Friday at the St Clements family centre. Click for the latest timetable and venue details.

Prenatal Pilates at St Clements Venue

Postnatal Pilates

Pop-up-Pilates offers tailored postnatal Pilates classes in Oxfordshire to help strengthen those vital core muscles and help you get back in shape. Our postnatal Pilates classes can be started 6 weeks after a normal delivery.

Our postnatal classes are low impact and a gentle way to get stronger, more toned and to help your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles recover from pregnancy and childbirth. Pop-up Pilates postnatal classes are small, friendly classes run by qualified physiotherapists with a specialist interest in women’s health. 8 week courses run regularly across Oxfordshire, starting at £10 per class.

Our Postnatal Pilates takes place at 10.45 on a Friday at the St Clements family centre. Click for the latest timetable and venue details.

Postnatal Pilates at St Clements Venue

The benefits of Pregnancy Pilates

Strengthen your abdominal muscles.

As your bump gets bigger there is a tendency for the hollow in your back to become more pronounced, resulting in backache; having a strong abdominal corset is very important to help this. Pregnancy Pilates classes target this muscle group to help you strengthen your abdominal corset and become more aware of how to use these muscles to improve your posture.

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Your pelvic floor muscles come under a lot of strain when you are pregnant and during child birth. Doing exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor can help avoid problems with your bladder and bowel during pregnancy with prenatal Pilates and after delivery with postnatal Pilates.

Help you to relax.

All the change that pregnancy brings makes relaxation even more important. Pregnancy Pilates classes offer a great way to relax to help you and baby during your pregnancy.

Improve your posture.

From your first Pregnancy Pilates class you will learn how to become more aware of good posture. This is important to help avoid back, neck and pelvic aches and pains.

Help you to be aware of and control your breathing.

The breathing techniques you learn from Pregnancy Pilates can help you with relaxation and will be vitally important during your labour.

Give you time for you to have fun!

Vitally important to release all those happy hormones!

You can be assured you are in safe hands with Pregnancy Pilates classes at Pop-up-Pilates, classes are run by qualified physiotherapists with a special interest in the area of women’s health and pregnancy. Classes are kept small to allow plenty of individual attention. With Pop-up Pilates a full pre-class health assessment takes place to help you to get the most out of your classes and to ensure you are exercising safely, especially during pregnancy. 8 week Pregnancy Pilates courses run regularly across Oxford from £10 per class.

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