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Gym Ball Pilates Classes

Add variety and new exercises to your Pilates experience with Pop-up Pilates’ Gym Ball Pilates Classes.

Pilates Gym Ball classes add variety to exercise, to challenge your core but are also perfectly suited to pregnant and postnatal women. Gym Ball Pilates reduces pressure on joints, making it equally good for those recovering from injury or suffering from those with joint discomfort.

About the Pilates Gym Ball

The Gym Ball is the large exercise ball that you will probably recognise from gyms, also known as a Swiss Ball, Fitness Ball or Pilates Ball. A primary benefit of using the Fitness Ball is the need to engage the core muscles in order to remain balanced during the exercise, which is a primary goal of any Pilates class. The body naturally responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced by engaging many more muscles than exercise on a flat floor. Over time, you’ll benefit from stronger core, abdominal and back muscles.

Pilates Gym Ball Training is enjoyable, challenging and enables you to achieve really effective results!


Why is Pilates Large Ball Training so Effective?

Its because it works multiple muscles simultaneously, whilst forcing your body to remain balanced. The Ball creates a very targeted way of exercising muscles, which are less used in most other forms of exercise. Its likely that its quite different to anything you’ve tried before. Equally, if you are not taking regular exercise, it can be a great way of starting to stretch muscles, to help them gain strength.

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